Jelly Baby? Or Weight Loss 4 Gummies? (Review)


Jelly Baby? Or Weight Loss 4 Gummies? (Review) Dr Who Badge: Would you Like a Jelly Baby? available from Etsy

Dr Who Badge: ‘Would you Like a Jelly Baby?’ Available from DareWearbyNaniWear via Etsy

As a Dr Who fan who grew up during the Tom Baker years, I’ve always had a soft spot for jelly babies, so I couldn’t resist trying a weight loss supplement that looks and tastes a bit like them.

Weight Loss 4 Gummies are also one of the few weight loss supplements that don’t say ‘consult a doctor if you’re pregnant or nursing’, which helps in my case.

So, do they work? A little bit 🙂

Ok, I admit it: I didn’t really expect Weight Loss 4 Gummies to be any good. But they were.

I was still in a less-than-enthusiastic mood about the dieting after my Captain America disaster, and didn’t feel like trying hard.

But it wasn’t hard to eat 3 Weight Loss 4 Gummies every day and so I did.

They tasted nice, and although I did feel a little jittery (perhaps from the Green Coffee Bean extract), it wasn’t that noticeable. And probably a lot better for the diet than real Jelly Babies!

Beginning weight: 215.8 lbs
Ending weight (after a week): 215 lbs

For a week of not especially trying (we had friends round for dinner twice and I had ice cream with the kids too!), I think losing half a pound is pretty good, and a great motivation for getting back on the weight loss wagon again.

So, What’s in Weight Loss 4 Gummies?

Weight Loss 4 Gummies Review

Weight Loss 4 Gummies: available in many supermarkets, including Target.

Weight Loss 4 Gummies, from Doctor’s Select Nutraceuticals, contains what they claim are ‘4 Natural Fat Fighting Ingredients’, ie:

  • Green Coffee Bean
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • and Coconut Extract

The directions are to chew three gummies daily as a dietary supplement. They taste pretty nice 🙂

So, what are these ingredients meant to do?

Green Coffee Beans

These are coffee beans that haven’t been roasted yet, leaving them with a higher amount of chlorogenic acid. This is thought to affect the metabolism and the body’s handling of blood sugar, with beneficial effects for diabetes, heart disease and weight loss. It was made popular for weight loss by the Dr Oz show in 2012.

Raspberry Ketones

A Korean study in 2010 found that raspberry ketones encouraged lipolysis (the breakdown of fats) and might therefore help reduce fat storage and speed up fat breakdown. However, at present these results have only been found in test tube studies of isolated cells.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is also known as tamarind, which means it’s in HP Sauce! 🙂 According to Dr Oz, it is known in Malaysia to assist weight loss by reducing appetite, and it is used there to make a soup for eating before meals. It may also help emotional eaters by increasing serotonin levels, improving mood and sleeping patterns.

Coconut Extract

Well, I’m not sure what exactly they mean by coconut extract, but these people at ‘The Healthy Home Economist‘ seem to rate coconut oil highly for weight loss!


Here’s Every Jellybaby Scene from Dr Who:

Shared via DoctorWho2001 on YouTube

Find Dr Who Jelly Baby Collectibles here!

This Week’s Other Challenges:

  1. Watch some Dr Who from the Tom Baker years. Netflix has ‘Horror of Fang Rock’, which doesn’t feature jelly babies, and the Key to Time series, in which at least ‘The Pirate Planet‘ (written by Douglas Adams) does. Hulu Plus has ‘Doctor Who Explained‘.
  2. Knit yourself a Tom Baker Dr Who scarf (just kidding!)


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6 Responses to Jelly Baby? Or Weight Loss 4 Gummies? (Review)

  1. Comments should be here
  2. How about fish fingers and custard?

    Is there a diet-friendly way to serve that?

    Lightly grilled fish with lowfat custard (made with lowfat milk or no sugar or no milk or no custard)?

    • Funnily enough, there’s a diet custard recipe in the Hip and Thigh Diet book, which uses skimmed milk and artificial sweeteners – I’m sure the Doctor would approve!

  3. I love your article, not only this one but also others because they are always logical and easy to understand. I really appreciate it.

  4. weight loss printable planner

    I agree that eating quality food and cutting out sugar and refined carbs will help weight loss. However, it is still possible to over eat and be unhealthy if you don’t eat a BALANCED DIET and get EXERCISE. Being skinny doesn’t nessesarily mean you are healthy. Eating the right amounts of quality foods is still important. And excercising the body is too.

  5. Home Gardenia Blue

    Number 4 is great. It is so true that dieting isn’t normal (or at least it shouldn’t be…) especially if you have a family. Just imagine how much healthier your whole family will be if you were all eating real food and spending time together.

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