May the Fourth Be With You on this Princess Leia Diet


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May the Fourth Be With You on this Princess Leia Diet!

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Hello! How have you been? My guess is (if you’re dieting!), not enough Leia and too much Jabba the Hut?

So, May the Fourth Be With You!

It’s a momentous year, with the new Star Wars film coming out, and I admit I can’t keep track any more.

The kids think the Clone Wars cartoons are the real Star Wars.

And the last set of films were a bit ho-hum.

But I always did say the real battle was for Darth Vader’s soul. Can even someone as evil as him redeem himself in the end? Can anyone, however late, turn their life around? The rebellion might disagree with me on that, but I think the last film proved me right 🙂

Star Wars - Darth Vader - Inside

Star Wars: the view from inside Darth Vader. Don’t be like that. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meanwhile, I am trying to keep an open mind and look forward to the new film that comes out at Christmas.


Ok the music got me smiling… 🙂


Yes! NOW I’m looking forward to it! Chewie, we’re home…
Getting back into that Gold Bikini!

So, since it’s the annual ‘May the Fourth’ Star Wars fest, here is my Princess Leia diet.

We’ll be back in that gold bikini in no time 😉


The Princess Leia Diet Rules:

So, apart from the gold bikini, the main thing everyone remembers about Princess Leia’s appearance is the bagel-like hairdo, as these awesome Princess Leia costumes show:

Knitted Leia Headband

Knitted Leia Headband, from Wattlebird via, Photo: Annle Pilon

Princess Leia Selfie

Princess Leia Selfie

Baby wears Princess Leia Costume

Baby wears Princess Leia Costume

Three Princess Leias in costume at Big Apple Con

Three Princess Leias in costume at Big Apple Con

These 4 Image Licences: CC by 2.0

1) Simple, hairstyle inspired first rule: two bagels a day. And since it’s a diet, those are bagel thins or sandwich thins, with some kind of high-nutrition, low waste-of-calorie filling and salad. Say salmon, light cream cheese and salad, or scrambled egg and salad. Anything that would fall out of a fancy hairdo in a really non decorative way 🙂

2) And the other rule: Dinner should be the kind of thing you would eat if you were a glamorous person held captive in a dressed up bikini in a constant cocktail party. You know those interviews with Playboy bunny girls where they talk about picnics in bed? Bleurgh. But we’re the fighting princess, right?

So it’s veggies with low fat dips and fruit salad for dinner.

And if it cheers you up, the other thing those girls always talk about is bubble baths (I know!?). And of course, we’ll be training for the rebellion on the quiet 😉


Why This Will Work

  1. More fruit, veg and salad
  2. No starchy foods for dinner
  3. Thinking about bikinis and the Rebellion


Princess Leia Links

By the way, I had a friend at work who was a huge Star Wars fan, and I’ve wondered how the Wookiee homeworld could possibly have such tall trees ever since. Is it hollow in the middle or something? Anyway…



Do you love Star Wars? Are you looking forward to the new film? Would you try this diet? Post your comments here…



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4 Responses to May the Fourth Be With You on this Princess Leia Diet

  1. Comments should be here
  2. Such a creative post to write about! I absolutely love Star Wars and this was such a fun read this Friday.

  3. This is funny! I’m so looking forward to seeing the new movie!

  4. Great piece! I’ve always wanted to be brave enough to wear the slave Leia costume for Halloween one year. Diet it is!

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