Snorlax Week: Time for Rest and Relaxation

Snorlax Week: Time for Rest and Relaxation

Snorlax, the sleepiest Pokemon

How are you doing? Had enough yet, with all the holiday events, heavy meals, hosting, or any of these plus binge-watching Breaking Bad and Grey’s Anatomy (like me)?

Everyone seems tired in the new year.

And tiredness isn’t good for dieters.

It messes with hormones called leptin (which decreases appetite) and ghrelin (which increases it).

It lowers our resistance to eating what we shouldn’t.

And it makes it easy to confuse low energy from tiredness with low energy from hunger, which we think we can fix with non stop caffeine, chocolate and junk food (or is that just me?)

Anyway, for all these reasons and more, tiredness isn’t good.

Enter the Snorlax diet, inspired by my favourite, the sleepiest Pokemon and sometime resident on my desk at work:

Snorlax as Desk Pet

Ready to sort all that stuff out?



So, rather than a weight loss diet, as Snorlax weighs two tons but sleeps so well, this week’s focus is on getting back into good sleep habits.

This also means putting off finding out if Meredith and Derek will ever get back together, if Denny will get his heart, and what horrible accidents will get the surgical interns freakishly excited.

There are 220 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. It can’t be finished in one evening! (Tweet this!)

I’ll also be drinking chamomile and slimming tea at night, exercising in the mornings, looking for things that help with sleep, going for walks and generally trying to eat sensibly, without overdoing anything.

I hope to have some better habits by the end of the week ūüôā


Do you need to catch up on your sleep? Have you found any tricks for this? I’d love to hear them: post your comments here…



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  3. I need to catch up on several years of lost sleep. And with my second child off to Paris for a semester tonight, there’s no chance of that happening anytime soon. Alas, sleep is a fantasy!

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